Are Parents Responsible for Increasing Drug Addiction among Teenagers?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are Parents Responsible for Increasing Drug Addiction among Teenagers?

Teenagers are the most concerning and the most viable group of age that needs attention and proper guidance because they are more prone of getting into trouble and false activities. If you are a parent, you would be held responsible for the future of your children’s life no matter what the reasons or causes are. Your teenage daughter or son can easily get influenced by the friends and company he or she has around him or her. Teenage alcohol addiction is increasing every day and the reason behind this could be the carelessness of parents.

Most of the time, all the kids need attention and they need somebody to talk their problems out but there is nobody they can consult or talk their grievances. With the concern, they turn towards the things that can keep them away from the stress they are going through and for that purpose they turn towards hazardous things like alcohol, cigarette, cocaine, heroine and etc. Parents should monitor the daily routine and schedule of their children and must provide them with ample amount of time so they children never feel lonely or neglected. A few motivating lines or phrases will be enough for them to realize that their parents are with them.

If you are a parent and you are an alcoholic or addicted to any other drugs then you should know that the teenagers learn from you and they would be influenced by your actions and activities, They will assume that my father or mother is doing the right thing and they will do the same without know that what his or her mother or father was doing. In order to overcome such situations you must completely avoid drinking or drug abuse in front of your children.

If you observe that your children remain unhappy or depressed most of the time then you should discuss with them about the reasons or causes behind the unhappy mood of your children.

According to me if parents take good care of their children and provide them suitable time then I am sure that not a single teenager will get addicted towards something like alcohol, heroine or marijuana. Increasing drug addiction among teenagers is a sign of carelessness of different parents. So I appeal to all those parents that they must wake up and take good care of their teenagers before it gets too late for them to get a hold on their children.

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